“Sacred art of whirling and penning your heart” double course by Khatoon Fallah and Alicia Ali (a transformational spiritual life coach and an authorized guide and initiate on the path of love who also is an author of two books available on Amazon )For the first time; an 8-week course which Took place between May 7th until June 4th.

In this online courses, participants take a long deep journey to the inner version of themselves; at the very first step they reconcile with their being and more specifically their physiques. Then they get the chance to travel deeper to their heart and try to touch it. In these sessions students eject all their feelings and convert them to lots of series of movements with profound meanings hidden in them…

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  1. Shruti

    Dear khatoon – ur a beautiful
    On this path of spirituality♥️…
    it was an honour and a privilege to having our paths cross in this mesmerising journey of sufi whirling ♥️♥️♥️..

  2. Luisa Blumenthal

    Khatoon Fallah and Alicia Ali are among the most powerful teachers of love I’ve come across.
    Both living testaments to the paths they walk, they do not just impart technique, but more importantly essence. Like mentioned, this is not simply a course, it’s a journey. So grateful and honored for the chance to be part of the last one.

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