“I cannot imagine anything but that you were ‘KIMIA khatoon’ herself in your last life!… if you were not… you couldn’t embody her love and pain in such a way…”


Said a passionate spectator to khatoon Fallah after her “KIMIA” performance in Humburg …

When she preforms...

“On the stage I am giving birth to the meaning I have sought for in that performance….and pain always accompanies the delivery… but afterwards, this sweet pain has always been soothing to my soul as the laughter of the baby is to the mother after giving birth…”

When performing, the artist is a human being completely alone… dancing the orchestra played within her being… the songs of her emotions, apprehensions and responses to the unknown world outside… dancing a conversation between her outer entity and the inner soul…

Khatoon views her dance as a semantic, mystical and epic form…the dance that endeavors to connect emotionally with the dancer’s soul in the first place and then with the audience as well…

This connection resonates with people’s hearts and captures them as it reminds them of something… it reminds them of the memories of the unity everyone feels deep within them…”

Anyone who has the opportunity to witness her dance….will be  immediately aware of her bold and courageous presence on the stage… free yet controlled the harmonic movements of her arms and hands painting the space…

sometimes creeping and sometimes gently marching other times flying… running and walking enriched with Persian and mystical aesthetics… an artistic collection of contrasting and complimentary meaningful moves, hand in hand as a dancing figure responding to every single word of the music with her body and soul….

Yet despite it all, her soul is so down to earth that she looks at the spectator and takes the hands of their eyes… inviting them to where she is…..offering them the essence of her love the precious gift of LOVE

An overview of Her most important

Being a radiating and passionate dancer KHATOON has done many significant performances during her artistic career…

Both in Iran and on an international level

Below you can find a list of her main projects with more information…


Conversation with Shahrzad Khorsandi

Performance in Vietnam embassy in Iran

25th Mantra Conference performance

"Dastan" performance

Kadin Performance in Turkey

Performance with Mish Mash ensemble

Mezoopotamya festival with Yalda Abbasi

Soul in captivity Performance
at ODTU university

"SELF" project