Goal of the Nomad Persian girl is in creating this online project has been to create a method that teaches the dancers how to unite imagination and reality in Persian dance style with recognizable cultural aesthetics and to develop authentic Persian dances

In this journey you will be engulfed in the world of dreams, a Persian girl and surrounded by Persian culture as well. You will enjoy learning the movement vocabulary optimized to verbally articulate and create your own dance story.
A dance theatre online course blended with guided research and further reading activities for immersion in the Persian arts and aesthetics.
The student dancer will dance the protagonist or the main object of the story of each chapter directed by the narrator of the story.
Join me in the long journey to a far away land, Iran…. the land in which no one knows anything about a heartbroken, heart burning lover….. her name, the Nomad girl… and that’s all the history remembers from her….

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